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Replacement of the Main Air Handling Units Supply Air Dampers


Financial Services




Replacement of the Main Air Handling Units Supply Air Dampers




At one of the main office buildings of a large financial institution, we were asked to survey the existing air handling units as the on-site maintenance team had noticed that the dampers were not operating properly.


We attended site and found the damper linkages had all failed and seized due to age which in turn, was causing the dampers to stay open providing 100% fresh air at all times, summer and winter.

What we did

Delivery day arrived and we began the task of removing 11 faulty units which were originally installed nearly 40 years ago and in a factory, no easy task with all the years of muck and grime which had accumulated on everything.

After putting on the correct PPE and cleaning down the dampers, these were removed and working inside the units with limited space, the new dampers were installed. Upon completion, the existing motorised controls were re-connected and were left fully operational.

Key Challenges: Working in a live environment with restricted access and the units being operational.


Key Deliverables: Works were completed safely with no disruption to the organisation’s staff and the client now has reduced running costs as the dampers are now fully controllable.

Old damper removed.

New small damper installed.

New large damper installed.


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