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Industrial Onsite Services

Providing repairs, maintenance and equipment replacements at your premises to minimise downtime and inconvenience.

Equipment Overhauls

Save money

If you’re looking to save your organisation unnecessarily premature investment costs, we can help you extend the life of your equipment through inspection, testing and providing a full range of equipment overhaul services.

An overhaul consists of identifying the worn or under-performing components and replacing or repairing them, thus reconditioning your equipment to perform as good as new. As well as avoiding an unplanned investment in new equipment, equipment upgrades performed during the overhaul can often reduce running costs too.

Avoid breakdowns

The condition of your equipment can be identified through condition based monitoring (CBM), such as vibration analysis and thermography and other forms of CBM methods. This will enable maintenance to be planned in advance which will reduce inconvenience, prevent unexpected failures and avoid downtimes that could cause serious financial losses and devastating product delays.

Reduce downtime

At Pumptec Services Group, we’ll work with you to find a solution that minimises downtime. Through careful planning, we schedule work to limit the impact and inconvenience to your workforce, your customers and end users. Decommissioning and removal, reinstallation and recommissioning, as well as transportation to and from our Service Centre can all be provided if necessary. We can also provide advice regarding your CAPEX Programme.

A Greener Solution

Equipment and asset upgrades to the latest technology can save energy and improve efficiency, enabling you to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Overhaul Processes

The Pumptec Services Group team are experienced engineers, who have developed a thorough equipment overhaul process, as shown below:

  1. Dismantle equipment and record relevant data.
  2. Clean and inspect components for wear.
  3. Identify and diagnose the extent of repairs and refurbishment.
  4. Produce engineering report and rectification quotation.
  5. Purchase OEM spares where appropriate and conduct repairs.
  6. Perform hydrostatic testing where appropriate.
  7. Reassemble, including repainting to required specifications.
  8. Make final quality checks.
  9. Dispatch to the customer for installation.

As suggested by our group company name, we are experts in all types of pump overhauls.

Typical parts that wear and will need replacing include o-rings, seals, bearings and impellers. These can either be replaced with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or can be reverse engineered on older equipment where parts have been discontinued.

Below is a list of the most common pump types we monitor, service and maintain:

  • Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD) Pumps
  • Borehole Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Chilled Water Pumps
  • Cold Water Booster Pumps
  • End Suction Pumps
  • Fire Pumps
  • Long & Short Couple Pumps
  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) Pumps
  • Multistage Pumps
  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Split Case Centrifugal Pumps
  • Submersible – Foul & Surface Water
  • Vacuum Pumps

In order to provide a complete service, as part of an industrial or HVAC project, we are able to provide electric motor overhauls.

Following the initial equipment inspection, worn or defective parts and components can be diagnosed then repaired or replaced. Bearing replacements are the most common service featured on motor overhauls.

We can overhaul a full range of motors, including the following:

  • AC & DC electric motors
  • Brake motors
  • Gear motors
  • Hoist motors
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • Special purpose motors
  • Spindle motors
  • Synchronous motors

Over a period of time, dependent upon the application and industry, industrial fans can experience erosion and corrosion. This can cause them to become unbalanced, resulting in excessive vibration, which can lead to the need for new equipment if not resolved.

Common repairs or replacements undertaken during an industrial fan overhaul might include the following: impellers, casings, shafts, bearings, vee Belt Drives, motors and guards. Part of our process includes dynamic balancing.

The efficiency and high performance of Air Handling Units and other ventilation systems are essential, particularly in critical environments. AHU’s are a major and expensive piece of capital plant equipment, so it’s important to avoid it falling into disrepair through inadequate maintenance. An overhaul can ensure your AHU is kept operational and in optimum condition. Refurbishment of these units can extend their life.

During overhauls, our engineers will be able to identify improvements that can be made to your equipment to save money or enhance performance. Upgrades to older equipment can make significant savings in energy costs. Filter grades can also be updated during overhauls, to increase filtration capability in locations with high levels of air pollution or prone to dangerous airborne particles.

The range of AHU components that may typically be replaced during AHU overhauls may include any of the following, as required: pressure gauges, heating coils, cooling coils, heat recovery devices, control dampers, actuators, humidifiers, bearings, anti-vibration mounts, flexible connections and filters.

Please contact us to discuss any of your equipment that isn’t performing as it should.

Onsite Services

Nationwide service

If you need repairs, maintenance or site surveys to be carried out at your premises, our group can facilitate that for you. Our engineers are able to travel throughout the UK to provide you with a full range of onsite services. When working with the Pumptec Services Group, you’ll benefit from having access to both industrial and HVAC engineers, who work together as one team to deliver the solution that adds the most value to your organisation.

We always aim to carry out repairs as close to the point of failure as possible. This minimises the risk to your business from equipment failure and downtime. Where the equipment needs a more in-depth overhaul or when it is assessed that our more specialist capabilities will be more appropriate, we will bring the item to our service centre.

Committed to safe working

Our engineers are fully health and safety trained as well as being experienced in operating in specialist environments, such as confined spaces and critical environments.

Overhauls for pumps can be carried out onsite to minimise disruption and reduce the potential downtime, which can be vital for organisations that provide essential services or need to keep production lines operational as much as possible.

An initial site visit will enable us to determine the requirements that need to be considered during the overhaul, these may include inductions, spares, specialist tools and access constraints. Our aim is that your pump overhaul can be completed as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Misaligned pumps and drives can result in excessive vibration, causing stresses and premature wear of components such as bearings, seals and couplings. If not rectified this can lead to equipment failures, major breakdowns, safety risks, reduced production, an increase in energy consumption and ultimately higher repair and maintenance costs.

Our engineers are able to conduct laser alignment whilst in your premises, using industry leading laser alignment tools and systems that can even used in ATEX environments.

Due to the constant demands upon their system and the nature of their task, pumping stations require regular onsite monitoring, maintenance services and equipment overhauls. We’ll help you maintain your system in optimal condition to prevent failure or breakdown, thus avoiding severe environmental and financial consequences. We understand that you need to be able to budget as accurately as possible and prevent unexpected running costs.

Our engineers are health and safety trained to work within specialist environments and are experienced in working onsite at foul water pumping stations and surface water pumping stations. Typical types of equipment we maintain includes cavity drainage pumps, rainwater harvesting pumps, boosted water sets, petrol interceptors and mixers.

By overhauling your AHUs and fans, we can ensure your capital plant equipment continues to operate efficiently instead of falling into disrepair. Lack of planned maintenance can cause them to eventually fail completely and need to be replaced, at great expense.

Overhauls of your AHUs and fans minimises disruption, both to your organisation and your workforce. It can also avoid external associated costs, particularly when there are logistical issues and transport costs involved in delivering and positioning larger replacement units. Overhauls can improve equipment performance, workforce health and safety, as well leading to a reduction in running costs.

Typical work conducted during overhauls can include:

  • Replacement or upgrade of filters
  • Repair and repainting of corroded metalwork 
  • Add new pressure gauges
  • Replace worn components such as bearings, fans, motors, anti-vibration mounts and flexible connections
  • Repair or replace leaking heating or cooling coils
  • Replace damaged or failed heat recovery devices
  • Repair of replace control dampers and actuators
  • Fix incorrect trapping to stop cooling coil drain pans from overflowing

We deal with all types of fans, across all manufacturers, including centrifugal, multivane, paddle, axial and bifurcated.

Over time, pipework can corrode, affecting the overall efficiency and performance of the system. Our engineers are able to plan, supply, replace and fit new pipework, as part of your industrial or FM project. This avoids additional workers having to be onsite, manages project costs more effectively and prevents delays in project completion.

We can also insulate pipework where required and repair existing pipe lagging, to maintain thermal or cooling performance.

Our fully skilled M&E engineers are trained and experienced in delivering a complete range of mechanical works and mechanical services involved with industrial and HVAC projects.

Whether involving PPM or new installations, our overall experience of building systems enables us to deliver the whole project with minimal disruption.

Planned shutdowns are one of the areas where we can add a great deal of value to your engineering effort. We are able to provide time served, professional and fully equipped engineers to augment your engineering teams.

Prior to the shutdown we would confirm the scope of works, determine and order the spares required, and when appropriate provide pre-shutdown inspection reports to help you align the engineering priorities into the time available.

Our engineers are well versed to the demands of shutdown support and every task we complete for you comes with a full report for your engineering records.

To keep your systems and equipment running in the way in which they were originally intended, it’s essential that OEM parts are performing correctly. Through building good, long-standing relationships with our manufacturer partners, we’re able to gain information quickly, then provide you with outstanding support when faced with problems that less-experienced contractors may struggle to resolve. This may include warranty issues uncovered during industrial maintenance, cold room maintenance or PPM.

As an essential component, keeping your coils in good working order will extend the life of your assets. As part of our maintenance services on your systems we can service, repair and replace a wide range of coils found in industrial radiators, water and dry air coolers, heater batteries, water chillers and evaporators – to name just a few. The types of coils we can service and replace typically include fan coils, frost coils, DX coils, fin coils and condenser coils.

We can repair, service, maintain and replace cold water booster units. Cold water booster units should be serviced annually. Improper or infrequent maintenance of booster sets can invalidate insurance and present health and safety risks for clients and employees. If a cold water booster unit fails, it will prevent critical systems from functioning, resulting in a temporary shutdown in your operations.

Valves are often an essential part of an industrial or HVAC plant. Our team is fully experienced in replacing valves as part of larger projects. As well as replacing them onsite, we will identify and procure the right valve so we can deliver you the whole solution, saving you time and hassle.

Expansion bellows must be installed correctly within your pipe system, in the right location, to ensure that critical environments don’t suffer from unexpected and costly problems at a later date. Not only can we install expansion bellows as part of a project, we can supply them too.

Partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring is an important part of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), particularly when it relates to a medium or high voltage asset that is a critical part of your system. PD can occur at various points within the insulation system and can occur for a number of reasons. It can be a result of poor transportation, incorrect installation of equipment or even be due to manufacturing faults.

When diagnosing a PD early on, strategic planning can take place. Repair work can be planned during scheduled maintenance, avoiding unplanned shutdowns, loss of production and adverse financial consequences. Depending upon the severity of the PD and location within the system, a system failure can take from a few hours to several years to occur. Typical items and equipment that should be tested and monitored include: cables, switchgear, transformers, bushings,capacitors, rotating equipment and generators.

Pressure systems require regular inspections in order to identify problems such as damaged parts, corrosion, leaks and a reduction in system performance. Our engineers will identify any worn or failing parts and replace them, which may include filters, fittings, flow switches, sensors, pumps, penetrators, pressure gauges, valves and seals.

Our experience enables us to work quickly and work with you to minimise downtime and limit any inconvenience caused to operations and your workforce.

Get in touch to discuss your onsite service requirements.

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