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Critical Environments

We’ll help you keep your critical environments running efficiently and without interruption though planned preventative maintenance.

Critical Environments

We have experts who have worked in and understand critical environments. We can help to support critical services across multi service lines with an understanding of Critical Environment processes and procedures.

We can provide support on critical infrastructure supporting:

  • Critical Cooling – CRAC Units, Chillers, DX Downflow Units.
  • Critical HV Infrastructure Partial Discharge Monitoring.
  • Critical Chilled Water Systems – Pumps, Pressurisation Units.
  • Critical Chilled Water Pipework Infrastructure – Repairs (Pipe Freezing reducing risk), Valve Replacements, Condition Monitoring.


We can help with writing critical procedures for high-risk tasks in our clients environments, plus managing critical projects or works within critical areas such as Data Centres and Critical infrastructure areas.

Our engineers are all experienced in Critical Environments and understand the various processes that our clients sites require.

We provide 24/7 support for our clients sites to ensure no disruption to the critical infrastructure which protects our customers businesses from financial and operational implications.

To keep your systems and equipment running in the way in which they were originally intended, it’s essential that OEM parts are performing correctly. Through building good, long-standing relationships with our manufacturer partners, we’re able to gain information quickly, then provide you with outstanding support when faced with problems that less-experienced contractors may struggle to resolve. This may include warranty issues uncovered during industrial maintenance, cold room maintenance or PPM.

The reliability of cooling systems and heating systems is key to keeping your workforce and customers comfortable, at times when the British weather is doing its worst. In critical environments and places where air quality or temperature needs to be carefully controlled, it becomes less about comfort and is instead an essential part of your business. System failure could then mean serious financial losses or health and safety risks for your organisation.

Through our specialist division, we are a leading provider of HVAC repairs and HVAC maintenance. There are a number of key areas within your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that need to be regularly maintained to keep it functioning exactly as it should. Our engineers will ensure your air returns, filters, exhaust outlets, ducts, electrical components, fans, compressors, coils and blowers are all performing well.

Our team are specialists in performing repairs that are time critical and can respond to reactive breakdowns, as well as offering full support on planned maintenance projects. Whatever your HVAC requirements, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring is an important part of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), particularly when it relates to a medium or high voltage asset that is a critical part of your system. PD can occur at various points within the insulation system and can occur for a number of reasons. It can be a result of poor transportation, incorrect installation of equipment or even be due to manufacturing faults.

When diagnosing a PD early on, strategic planning can take place. Repair work can be planned during scheduled maintenance, avoiding unplanned shutdowns, loss of production and adverse financial consequences. Depending upon the severity of the PD and location within the system, a system failure can take from a few hours to several years to occur. Typical items and equipment that should be tested and monitored include: cables, switchgear, transformers, bushings,capacitors, rotating equipment and generators.

Poorly maintained chiller equipment will almost certainly increase electricity usage, which will increase your running costs, in addition to not being environmentally friendly.

An incomplete or absent servicing record can also lead to your manufacturer warranty becoming invalid, as this information is usually requested during warranty claims to check the equipment is being maintained to the required standard.

For all major brands of chillers and cooling equipment, we can provide you with a planned programme of both routine and specialist maintenance to maximise running efficiency and to extend equipment life span.

Particularly important within critical environments, Setaria Group, our specialist division within the Pumptec Services Group will ensure your air conditioning systems continue to run 24/7 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team of engineers are experts in the servicing and maintenance of all commercial and public sector and local authority air conditioning systems.

Over time your air conditioning equipment parts and components will begin to wear, causing leaks. To be F Gas compliant, your air conditioning and refrigeration plant must be leak free. An air conditioning fault will result in an increase in running costs, as well as the system becoming less effective.

Through regular servicing and planned preventative maintenance we’ll ensure your air conditioning systems are kept in optimal condition, whilst extending the life cycle of your equipment. In addition to consumables replacements, during maintenance work, we’ll identify upgrades for fans and controls where appropriate, which will significantly reduce energy costs for your company and reduce your carbon footprint.

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