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Critical Manufacturing Pumps On-Site Inspection & Overhaul




Critical manufacturing pumps on-site inspection & overhaul


An extreme weather event caused the contamination of the critical pump circulation fluid in an automotive supply chain manufacturer. This contamination could have caused the pumps to fail and therefore the manufacturing to suffer unplanned stoppages.

Pumptec co-ordinated the onsite inspection, spares provision and overhaul of these critical pumps ensuring that the plant was able to continue its production throughout the work.

The client was able to continue full production uninterrupted and has subsequently engaged Pumptec for follow on work across the site.


A ‘one in a hundred’ year rainstorm caused this automotive manufacturer to suffer highly contaminated coolant water. This coolant is essential to the factory process, it must be free of particulate in order to prevent wear and breakdowns to the many expensive machines that use it.

What we did

Pumptec attended site and with the factory engineering manager created a pump plan to inspect and overhaul the 20+ critical pumps that utilised this coolant. To ensure there was no risk to production this work was conducted on-site and in a pump by pump manner where we inspected, assessed, repaired and then tested each asset.


Key Deliverables: Over a period of 4 weeks each of the pumps were inspected, overhauled and brought back into service. No loss of production was recorded and the site engineer used our services in other areas of the factory for both planned and unplanned maintenance.


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