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Booster Set Replacement Project






Booster Set replacement




Our customers had three booster sets that were at end of life expectancy and had obsolete parts. We procured three new sets with the support from a leading OEM to support the required building water pressure for an 8 storey building in central London. We also had to install a by-pass to ensure that there was no disruption to building water supplies whilst the work were being done, with one system feeding the other whilst a booster set was being removed and replaced.


We had to ensure the existing boosters could support infrastructures whilst on by-pass and set up the booster sets correctly to enable no loss in water pressure whilst the new sets were installed.

What we did

We first installed a by-pass leg between the two main water booster sets with inter-connectable fittings installed to allow quick installation of the by-pass. This also provided a back up facility for the future should one set fail. When one set was being worked on the building water supply was being supported via the by-pass and one booster set serving a dual system. The two main sets were replaced with new pipework and lagging installed, along with a smaller booster set serving shower areas for our customer. All works were completed over a weekend and new sets commissioned by the OEM.

Key Challenges: We had a weekend to complete three booster sets to ensure there was no disruption to building water supplies when under full occupancy on Monday morning. As people were also using the building over the weekend we had to ensure there was water available during these works and no disruption occurred.


Key Deliverables: All three boosters were installed and completed by close of play Sunday and the building saw no disruption in water supplies during the works being carried out due to the success of the by-pass installation and works completion.


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